Caverns of Time: Battle of Mount Hyjal

Caverns of Time: Battle of Mount Hyjal is a 25 player raid instance that will be released onto the realms in synch with the release of Burning Crusade. Many objectives must be completed beforehand in order to attune your character for the instance.

Requirement: 01) Level 70 must be achieved.

Requirement: 02) You must have completed the questlines for both Durnholde (Old Hillsbrad) and the Dark Portal (Black Morass).

Requirement: 03) Speak with Soridormi, who you’ll find wandering around inside the caverns. She will grant you an extremely tedious quest, that requires the completion of many different quest chains (which will most likely take weeks to complete, possibly months) .. The Vials of Eternity.

Requirement: 04) You must have completed the questlines for both the Cipher of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley (also speak with Akama at the Warden’s Prison while you are here) and the Stormspire in Netherstorm. Stormspire questline begins within Area 52 & the Consortium Ethereal, it ends when Nexus Prince Harammad sends you to A’Dal with a crystal of some sort.

Requirement: 05) When you speak with A’Dal, he will give you the key questline for Arcatraz. This key is split in two halves. The Top Shard of the Arcatraz Key is dropped by Warp Splinter, the final boss in the Botanica. The Bottom Shard of the Arcatraz Key is dropped by Pathaleon the Calculator, final boss of The Mechanar. Once you have the Key to the Arcatraz assembled, and completed requirement #4, Khadgar will speak with you, asking you again to speak with A’Dal .. who will give you the Tempest Key questline for the dungeon where you will face off with Prince Kael’Thas Sunstrider.

Requirement: 06) Now.. another exhausting part .. you must be revered with the Sha’tar faction to receive the key for Tempest Keep (Heroic), revered with Lower City faction to receive the Auchinai Key to unlock the Auchindoun Dungeons (Heroic), revered with the Cenarion Expedition to unlock Coilfang Reservoir (Heroic), and revered with Thrallmar or Honor Hold as well to unlock the Hellfire Citadel (Heroic). Sound like fun?

Requirement: 07) Complete the quests: Trial of the Naaru: Mercy, Trial of the Naaru: Strength, & Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity. No easy task will this be, because A’Dal required you to complete the three trials in Heroic difficulty. After these are all said and done, return to A’Dal and he will grant you the Tempest Key, which you can use to enter the 25 man raid instance to fight Prince Kael’Thas. You must kill him and loot one of the Eternity Vials.

Requirement: 08) You must defeat Lady Vashj as well to retrieve the second Vial of Eternity. No official data has been released about the encounter with Lady Vashj or the requirements to enter her dungeon.

Requirement: 09) You must be friendly with the “Scales of the Sands” faction. Most likely this will be achieved already from the previous requirements being completed.

Requirement: 10) Be mentally and physically prepared, and you are ready to warp back and fight in the Battle of Mt. Hyjal!

Dungeon Description: You relive the ending scenes of Warcraft III, battling alongside Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrall the Orc, and Jaina Proudmoore and their forces against the demon Archimonde and the Burning Legion. Whom alongside the Infinity Dragonflight are trying to assault the tree and alter the very fabric of time.


The Battle of Mount Hyjal is one of the most well-guarded events of this timeline. Should an intruder alter its outcome, the impact would extend to all subsequent moments in history.

As the Aspect’s prime mate I’m far more in tune with the flow of time than other bronze dragons. I recently sensed a minute ripple in time emanating from the events surrounding the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Someone or something is attempting to change this timeline and they must be stopped.

Soridormi: Seven vials were drawn from the Well of Eternity by Illidan. He poured three into the lake on top of Mount Hyjal and a second Well of Eternity was created. For years the rest were believed lost.

With the opening of the Dark Portal, we’ve come to know that he gave one each to his lieutenants Kael’thas and Vashj. Retrieve what remains of them; we wil need them as foci to open a gateway to any events tied to Mount Hyjal, recent or ancient. The outcome of the Battle of Mount Hyjal must be preserved.

I’ve asked the impossible of you, yet I expect you to succeed. Much depends on it.

Objectives: Soridormi at Caverns of Time wants you to retrieve Vashj’s Vial Remnant from Lady Vashj at Coilfang Reservoir and Kael’s Vial Remnant from Kael’Thas Sunstrider at Tempest Keep.

Rewards: 24g 60s

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